Real-Time Crime Center (RTCC)

The RTCC is a specialized unit staffed by analysts and detectives, which supports CSPD officers and detectives with rapid operational intelligence, sourced from department records, law enforcement databases, and a variety of integrated technologies. This immediate response and investigate overview of calls for service allows officers to have enhanced awareness of crucial information that traditionally would not be discovered until the investigative process has begun hours or even days later.

What is FUSUS?

Fusus is a map-based interface that combines private and public video streams, camera locations, law enforcement data, data from IoT applications, floor plans, ShotSpotter triggers, LPRs, live positions of first responders, and more into a single “pane of glass” enabling greater situational awareness and a common operating picture. Fusus is the central tool that the RTCC uses to integrate all of the department-accessible technology to better serve public safety in an active and immediate role.